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...musings, mishaps & cautionary tales

Welcome to Chloe's Chronicles; if you're looking for a trendy, topical and a generally half-decent lifestyle blog you've definitely come to the wrong place. Chloe's the name, self-deprecating humour's the game, so read on if you fancy a laugh and hearing about my tragic take on life and dealing with its lemons.

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We Go Again - Lockdown No.Three

It’s been a while, folks! You may not have noticed (lol) but from the week before last England entered into its third trimester of...

Redundancy & Beyond

If you had told me at the beginning of the month that I wouldn’t have a job to return to by the end of it I may have thought you were...

Week 4: Muffins, Mexican & Make-up

This week I started to feel the weight of the lockdown more so than I had in the previous weeks, and I became gradually more and more...

Week 3: DJ Sets, Dress-up & DIY

This week was fairly uneventful up until the weekend (most of it was spent sunbathing on our flat’s poor excuse of a ‘balcony’ – although...

Week 2: Disco Yoga, Dancing & Discovery

Week two marked the start of me joining the furlough club along with the 11 million-odd other Brits who have been put in the same...

The Covid Diaries

As we eat, drink, cry and crawl our way through the fourth week of lockdown in the U.K, I thought it would be fun to share and perhaps...

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