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  • Chloe Morant

11 Things 90's/00's Kids miss about Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings; what more could a kid ask for than to wake up knowing the weekend is your oyster, the pure elation experienced when the initial realisation sets in that school is over for another week, and all there is to do is kick back and relax. Ah, those were the days, when being a kid on Saturday mornings meant:

1. Waking up with a sense that anything was possible, the weekdays at school were your prison but now you've been set free; free to roam the streets on your 'Micro Scooter' and free to buy as much sugary goodness down the sweet shop as your pocket money would allow (blissfully unaware that the price of Freddos would later be used to judge the declining state of the economy).

2. Complete free reign of the TV: No one else was awake yet so you and your siblings had complete control, ideal.

3. Cartoons; weekend mornings just didn't get much better than reclining in front of your 26inch TV with the vast choice of kids programmes your five domestic channels had to offer.'Fairly Odd Parents', 'Watch my Chops', 'Scooby Doo, Where are You?'; CBBC was on form.

4. Live Programmes: Some of the older 00s/90s kids will acknowledge that a Saturday morning wasn't complete without switching over to our beloved 'Live and Kicking' where the faces of Heather Suttie and Peter Simon lit up our screens (and lives). This was to later be replaced by the ‘radical’ new 'The Saturday Show' which acted as a fairly decent distraction to the bitter emptiness left behind by Live and Kicking. The kids of today will never get to experience the joys of ‘Tiny and Mr Duke’, sniff.

5. SMTV Live: The sight of a young Ant and Dec was enough to make any kid smile, cracking up at one of their ‘hilarious’ parodies. Of course when they left in 2001 it kind of went downhill from there, Cat Deeley and James Redmond attempted to fill the void but it was never quite the same.

6. An abundance of cereal: Saturday mornings meant that breakfast cereal became brunch cereal as you filled your bowl with enough coco pops to feed a small army.

7. No showering: Basic hygiene tended to go out the window as washing was banished to Sunday when the TV wasn’t quite so great. Teeth cleaning waited until the mountain of cereal was devoured and the bowl taken downstairs (this usually wasn’t until late afternoon).

8. Minimal movement: Retiring to the living room and not emerging until the afternoon was 100% a thing.

9. Beehive Bedlam: If you were one of the lucky devils to have Sky TV then you had access to one of the greatest games in history, and were the envy of all your friends.

10. Claiming the entire sofa: The only time when (if you arrived to the living room first out of your siblings as it obviously worked on a strictly first-come-first-serve basis), you could lie across the couch and no one could say anything, that is of course until the ‘rents woke up.

11. Staying in Pjs all day: No one would question it, if that’s how you wanted to spend your Saturday then who could judge? What a time to be alive...

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