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Sobriety and Me - My October Dry Spell

As my stint of sobriety comes to end, I thought I'd do a round-up of the month I decided to put the G&T down in favour of virgin pornstar (the irony of the name is not lost lol). At first I thought the only thing scarier than the spooky season itself was entering it sans alcohol, but honestly I was pleasantly surprised. Here are 10 things I learned from my month on the wagon.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, you can go to a pub and not have a pint. You can even go to an Italian restaurant and not have wine. You can, in fact, go to a bar and not have approx 57687 Jäger bombs. Who'd have thunk it? It does of course help if the companies' on point, but still, it's not compulsory to drink in any of those scenarios. A Red Bull or 10 will suffice.

  2. Crippling anxiety that comes with the hungover territory isn't a constantly-prevailing factor in the week post-bender when you're a Sober Sally; in fact, this is the least anxious I've felt in a long time. And considering that I'm even currently learning to drive, that's pretty good going.

  3. Productivity has increased 10 fold, in a professional sense and also recreationally. I have noticeably more energy and my head isn't perpetually foggy anymore.

  4. Skin is clearer, much clearer, and I'll tell ya that one for free.

  5. Non-alcoholic spirits aren't the worst, in fact they're actually quite tasty. Prior to this I thought Seedlip and others to that affect belonged in the bin and thought there was no place for a 0% gin on the backbar, but I have since been converted. I'm looking at you, Atopia Spiced Citrus gin. Although, I refuse to believe in alcohol-free tequila. If you're drinking tequila for the taste instead of for its alcoholic properties, then you're almost certainly a psychopath.

  6. You can say no to after-work pints, even if it goes against every fibre of your being.

  7. Having driving lessons not on a hangover definitely isn't a bad thing and is almost definitely safer for everyone involved.

  8. I have a new-found appreciation for healthier foods. Well, that, and fried chicken. Although this hasn't prompted my conversion to veganism or anything just yet... ;)

  9. Gyming four times a week is possible but knackering, especially when two of those times is during your lunch break at work and involves a mad rush to get there and back in time. I don't recommend.

  10. Although t-totalism isn't something I'm going to continue into November, this experience has definitely taught me that moderation is key, and that you can indeed have a lit time without washing it down with 10 glasses of wine. Sober October, it's been a somewhat-surprising, refreshing pleasure. Now plz pass me a G&T (but only a single, because moderation. Ha). One more day to go... (Don't worry, this is an old photo!)

If you haven't already and you have a few spare dimes lying around, plz feel free to sponsor me and the fantastic Macmillan's whom I'm supporting

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