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  • Chloe Morant

The Covid Diaries

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

As we eat, drink, cry and crawl our way through the fourth week of lockdown in the U.K, I thought it would be fun to share and perhaps provide lockdown inspo to others of the antics that have helped keep me out of trouble during these “unprecedented times” (I personally don’t think I’ve heard this phrase enough…). It goes without saying the NHS staff and key workers are the real heroes of this absolute train wreck that is 2020, and continue to be the Nation’s saving grace. I know I probably speak for everyone when I say it’s been no mean feat by any stretch of the imagination, sometimes just finding a reason to get up in the morning can be a struggle - occasionally just peeling yourself out of pjs can be enough - but as they say we are all in this together (cue High School Musical dance break) and all we can do is ‘keep on keeping on’.

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