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We Go Again - Lockdown No.Three

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

It’s been a while, folks! You may not have noticed (lol) but from the week before last England entered into its third trimester of lockdowns. We go again. As we sail into familiar waters one more time, I thought I’d share my musings/learnings from lockdown one to now:

1. Zoom calls are overdone and are sooo lockdown one. I really don’t want to quiz or play charades virtually anymore, sorrynotsorry. I am of course always at the end of the phone for friends that need me, I just don’t think anyone needs to see my ugly mug on the reg.

2. For work calls you can get away with being business on the top, bedtime on the bottom. Comfort takes priority nowadays.

3. Red wine is still love, red wine is still life, albeit less frequently consumed this time around.

4. Trash TV acts as a welcomed reprieve; the irony that reality TV helps distract from actual reality is not lost. May I suggest Married at First Sight Australia, or The Cabins (both equally terrible but addictive).

5. PJ’s on rotation whilst binge watching The Boys or (insert current popular TV series here) is completely acceptable.

6. Yoga and mindfulness are a vibe. The Down Dog yoga app is a lifesaver for all the budding as well as experienced yogis, it’s honestly like having your own personal instructor. Also, I've found walking to and exploring all local open spaces (i.e. Brockwell Park, Tooting Bec Commons, etc) is a great way to navigate your way from A to B without having to use public transport (prior to this I hadn't realised how close things were to where I lived...). Additionally, on the topic of mindfulness, I have found taking a break from social media (when not needed for work) feels invigorating. Turning off notifications at least gives you a bit more headspace from the noise.

7. Cooking meals in batches is the one for, if like me, you cba to cook after a long, hard day at the ‘office’ (read ‘living room’). Thai green curry three nights in a row? You better believe it. (On this subject, Aldi dinner kits are the one for if you're feeling lazy, the pad Thai one is my personal fave). Or of course, you can freeze the batch meals for longevity (I sound like my mother here lol).

8. If online shopping makes you happy, then treat yo’self! Princess Polly is my housemate’s newly discovered site and it’s VERY dangerous for wallets…

9. I’m very grateful for my fantastic friends and family who have been supportive and ever-present throughout the shitshow that was 2020 and beyond. You know who you are ;)

10. Take-aways will never not be welcomed/devalued in necessity. I now have shares in Uber Eats and Deliveroo. (Plz give me free food…).

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