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Week 2: Disco Yoga, Dancing & Discovery

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Week two marked the start of me joining the furlough club along with the 11 million-odd other Brits who have been put in the same uncertain position.

Determined to try and use my time fairly wisely I set myself some ‘goals’

(a term that here I use fairly loosely), which included regular exercise, starting this blog, finishing a colouring book (I know, aim high right?! I'd also originally envisioned an adult's one but Tesco had other ideas), weekly baking and reading at least three books (I’m nearly a third of the way there, lol...).

This week we decided to explore the wonders of Streatham Common and beyond; this resulted in us discovering The Rookery which is a lovely little walled garden that dates back to 1913, complete with pond, flowers and an ancient well, and is tucked around behind the Common. It’s a cute hidden gem that I think all Streathamites should see, click here for more info.

Twice this week our exercise came in the form of an online PT session run by Lucy’s boss’ wife that certainly put us through our paces. I definitely needed the extra burn though in order to warrant devouring three of our cinnamon, oat, honey and hazelnut cookies in one sitting like the little piglet that I am. For anyone that’s interested the recipe is here. Side note – I’m not vegan but Lucy isn’t a fan of dairy so most of our bakes have ended up being vegan, which I guess isn’t a bad thing…

Easter came and went relatively unremarkably (I may have had an egg or three) which I’m sure was the case for most households. We hosted Lucy’s virtual work quiz on Good Friday which included questions such as “What part of the body is your ‘weenus’? (The answer may surprise you lol) and “Where did Elvis die?” (I feel most people probably know the obscure answer).

Saturday night fever hit so we dug out our sequins and glitter in preparation for disco yoga (yeah we were confused too at first). Gurpreet from Brixton Yoga (ft cameos from his funky parents who were comedy gold) hosted the virtual class and it was honestly so much fun to get our disco on and have a boogie. He runs daily classes which are fab for those seeking some Zen in their lives, check out the timetable here.

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