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Week 3: DJ Sets, Dress-up & DIY

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

This week was fairly uneventful up until the weekend (most of it was spent sunbathing on our flat’s poor excuse of a ‘balcony’ – although at this point I’m grateful to have any outside space at all), where we kicked off Friday afternoon off with a jazzy virtual DJ set courtesy of Lucy’s recruitment company Trust in Soda; dancing around the living room with our eyes closed we could almost pretend we were at Glasto, almost…

Avid lovers of cheese and wine Lucy and I decided it would be apt to hold a virtual cheese and wine night with the gals, see below for visuals. Four hours, several bottles and outfit changes later we decided now would be the best time to somehow play Cards Against Humanity charades (trust me it works, hilarity guaranteed) and video ourselves practicing the Carole Baskin dance (if you know, you know).

I’m sure we’re not the only ones who have been impulsively buying everything and anything online just so we have something to look forward to; clothes, furniture, lightbulbs, mops, you name it, it’s all going in the basket. Sunday saw the arrival of my brand new chest of drawers and so we set about the monumental task that is building flat pack furniture. Two or so hours later, after substituting a hammer for a saucepan and following a couple of construction ‘mishaps’ the deed was done, and I feel perhaps carpentry is my calling (possible career move, watch this space…).

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