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Week 4: Muffins, Mexican & Make-up

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

This week I started to feel the weight of the lockdown more so than I had in the previous weeks, and I became gradually more and more claustrophobic. In an effort to keep my spirits up I slapped on some make-up and whacked on Zoom in an attempt to get by with a little help from my friends :)

My Monday mood was instantly elevated by the baking of some marvellous muffins (excuse the alliteration), which were made up of a medley of whatever we had left in the cupboard, so they ended up being orange and walnut flavour. The recipe (which we heavily substituted to suit our ingredients) can be found here (make sure you scroll to the bottom as there is a LOT of waffle prior…). I would give them a 7/10, probably would bake again. In an effort to burn some of those muffin-induced calories I did Gurpreet’s virtual yoga class in the evening which was a nice, chilled end to the day.

Friday night is our designated wine and catch-up night with some the gals, this time we attempted to play the Catchphrase board game (several glasses of wine down of course), which definitely fuelled everyone’s competitive side (cue much shouting and metaphorical board flipping). A few of rounds of ‘I have never’ followed, as did the inevitable unanimous agreement to never speak of what was said outside the ‘circle of trust’ (lol)…

On Saturday we missioned to Aldi (ft. make-up and glad rags as shopping is now the highlight of the week) in search of Mexican supplies (the Don of cuisines IMO), only to discover they were lacking in the margarita essentials, tequila and Cointreau, so we decided to go for mango daiquiris instead, which were an adequate alternative. As we were already starving we decided to be hella lazy and opt for an Old El Paso soft shell taco kit and ready-made guac (don’t judge, needs must), beef mince and sour cream; the results were delicious.

Sunday’s superb weather evoked my crafty side, and so I dug out my tie-dye kit and got creative with a pair of off-brand white ‘Converse’ from EBay. I was happy with the results but the shoes ended up being too small; not wanting to essentially foot-bind my trotters they ended up in the Oxfam recycling bin. Next time I’ll tie-dye a t-shirt or something.

The weekend got me like:

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